Johns Hopkins Medicine Health

Digital Strategy & Optimization Lead TBG (The Berndt Group)

Johns Hopkins Medicine came to TBG to revamp their digital heath content and experiences. The organization was producing lots of rich, high-interest content for consumers, but the content was spread across multiple silos and difficult for users to find and navigate.

As digital strategy and optimization lead, I collaborated with the client and the TBG project team to design a more modern approach to digital publishing for Johns Hopkins Health, including:

  • Defining content and UX strategies that took personalization into account from the start
  • aligning taxonomies
  • Identifying new content formats needed to better support engagement, encourage social sharing and to drive SEO
  • Defining base field requirements for meta data to enable optimizated display of content across channels (for example AMP and for organic search and OG tags for social media)
  • Identified target consumer audiene segments
  • Defined key touch points for personalization along the customer journey
  • Created behavioral profiling frameworks for personalization.
  • Oversaw execution and optimization of several initial personalization pilots aimed at demonstrating ROI and helping the organization build capabilities needed to support a personalization practice at scale.

The new, personalized health content experience has led to an increase in website traffic (+370% from social channels), deeper engagement as shown by large lifts in number of pages per session and time on site), as well as 150.53% increase in overall conversions on the health site.

Our team was awarded a Sitecore Ultimate Experience Award for “most intelligent content optimization.”